Windows Logo Testing warning on XP

For you Windows sysadmins, packagers, etc. who’ve been annoyed by the “Windows Logo Testing” warnings when installing drivers on XP, please read on and see if you can help me…

Okay, so this one has been bugging me forever… er, well not forever, but… since I’ve been trying to distribute software for Windows XP. You see, by default, Microsoft has enabled these warning messages when you are installing software which includes hardware drivers, if (and only if) the drivers have not been through the Windows Logo Testing process. The dialog box looks like this:

Hardware Installation dialog: The software you are installing for this hardware X has not passed Windows Logo Testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP. Continue Anyway or Stop Installation

In theory (that is, according to Micro$oft), you can disable these messages through one of two ways. One way is to set it for the local machine only via the System Control Panel’s ‘Driver Signing Options’ dialog, as pictured here:

We want to set this to Ignore -Install the software anyway and don

What this really accomplishes is to change the Local Security Policy’s setting for ‘Devices: Unsigned driver installation behavior’, as seen below (this screen capture has the default setting of ‘Warn but allow installation’). You can set this for the entire domain via the GPO, of course.

see Devices: Unsigned driver installation behavior

The problem is that turning off the warnings through either of these methods apparently does not disable the warning dialogs, at least as I’ve seen at two different companies. When you’re trying to silently distribute the software to unprivileged users via AD, SMS, or whatever other domain-push method you have, these dialogs are a show-stopper.

So my question is simple: How can I really disable these Windows Logo Testing warnings?!? Please help!

  • Some people have suggested setting the following Registry key (which just happens to be the one set by the Group Policy) just before the install:

    under "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindows NTDriver Signing", set the REG_DWORD "BehaviorOnFailedVerify" to

    0 for ignore

    1 for warn the user

    2 for block unsigned drivers

    This just attempts to override the current GPO, but it doesn't seem to work either. First because, according to MSKB article 298503, the OS detects the intrusion and re-sets to the default value if you're trying to override it; and secondly because if your policy is already set to 0 for ignore it still doesn't stop the dialog box.

    (Ref <a href="">this post at

    All I have to say is: ARRRRRGGGH!

  • My friend and fellow packager Tom Holland emailed the other day reminding me of a potential work-around/hack: creating an AutoIt script to automagically "press the button". Just did that today, and lo and behold it seems to work.

    I'll post it for download on the site here for anyone else who's interested soon.

    • Anonymous

      check your 'Cryptographic Services' if not stared, start and try again

      • Anonymous

        explain cryptographic services how do I change settings am new to this but having same problems you seem to be working arounde

      • Anonymous

        That fixed it! I was dumb enough to follow (gone now) advise and turned off cryptographic services, and many others, to improve the performance of my gaming computer. Big mistake. I found I was unable to in Direct X 9.0c without this service enabled. thx

      • Anonymous

        That fixed it! I was dumb enough to follow (gone now) advise and turned off cryptographic services, and many others, to improve the performance of my gaming computer. Big mistake. I found I was unable to install Direct X 9.0c without this service enabled. thx

        • Anonymous

          OK, HOw do I access the settings for Cryptographic services, please tell.


    • Anonymous

      I'm having the exact same problems and there seems to be no workaround. If you can post that fix, that would be fantastic.

      • Anonymous

        enabling crptographic servies, sorts out the problem, providing you have driver signing set to ignore and tick the make this action default!

        • Anonymous

          This fixed it for me! Turned it on, then reinstalled direct x. woooohhhooo. thanks,


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      Yo! Got the same prob- a virus knocked out IE 6 and sent it back to a version of IE5, and so I have been trying to reinstall IE6 off the Microsoft site. I was able to finally get to install mode until that darn Windows Testing warning came up. So, if you please, do you have this wonderful magical script that can solve all of our problems and bring back peace, love and harmony among the frustrated of all us out there in Cyberland? Thanks!

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      Thanks heaps for the postings, they have been very useful

    • Anonymous

      please post the download now thank you

    • Anonymous

      Can you post the download? I am having the same problem.

    • Anonymous

      hello, could you post it so i can see how you code it to automatically click yes as i'm using the silent install with sysprep and it halts at the driver signing

    • Anonymous

      I would like to see that Auto-IT script, where can I get it?

      • Anonymous


        As stated, check driver signing options, set to (ignore), and set crypt services to (Automatic). Did the trick for me…:)

        Thanks Lads!


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    thanks for the solution