i am not going to catch this flu this week. i can’t; i don’t have the time for it. i have some training classes tomorrow which i simply cannot miss, and i must finish a big project plan by friday’s meeting.

everyone else has caught it. a good part of my group was out of work for most of last week with this flu. even my roommate (who, like me, almost never gets sick) has been down all weekend with it. someone said he saw on the news that some of the local schools have had over half of their students out.

and now i have some of the starting symptoms, including the beginnings of a fever. but i’m not going to be sick. i have too much to do.

album-of-the-day >>> roaring lambs <<< a pretty good compilation of some of the better christian artists around today. it includes a fine track from over the rhine that i don’t think has been released anywhere else.