This weekend a friend and I went to see the movie Doubt in the theater, and I’m so glad I did. While it’s not the kind of explosions-and-effects show that is typically better on the big screen, the acting is so captivating that it’s worth the extra cash simply to see the actors’ faces in such detail. (And y’know, for a script that’s mostly about internal action rather than external, the faces are where it’s at, as the camera has little else to focus on.)

Permit me to repeat myself: the acting is captivating, riveting, mermerizing… Of course, it’s no surprise: everyone knows that Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman are among the best, and Amy Adams is clearly a rising star that will shine on for a long time. But put the three of them in a room and POW! BIFF! KAZAAM! (Oh yeah, I should also say that Viola Davis also holds her own, as do the young actors playing the schoolkids. But it’s not so much about them now, is it?)

Anyway, it’s only the first week of January and I’ve seen what may be my favorite movie of the year. (I guess it’s all downhill from here!)