You can make a difference

Back in March, I was dismayed to learn that Continental Airlines was discontinuing the gluten-free menu options on all their flights. This was particularly disconcerting to me since I usually fly with them on my frequent trips to Panamá. Long international flights are killer when you’re going hungry, and not all the airports in between there and here are GF-friendly at all, either.

My response was not to panic, but to focus my ire into writing a persuasive letter to the airline’s CEO. Apparently, it had some effect, as just yesterday I received a response from Continental’s customer service, which included the following:

I understand you had some concerns about Gluten-free meals.

We discontinued serving Gluten-free meals March 15, 2010; however, in response to customer feedback, we decided to start serving them again, effective May 1, 2010.


p>Continental’s website confirms that GF meals are now available again. Now, I am not suggesting that my letter alone changed their minds; rather, I’m certain it was the fact that they received many such letters from other frequent-flyers with Celiac disease like me. But what if I hadn’t sent my letter, assuming that everyone else would? I’m rather glad I did!