it’s wednesday night, going into thursday morning now, and i didn’t get to go to prison tonight… i couldn’t escape from work in time. (in case you didn’t know, i visit the state prison in nearby windham every wednesday night—don’t worry, they usually let me out.) also, you know what wednesday night means? i need to at least pretend like i’m going to have the trash and recycling out before the morning pickup. tonight i actually put it out already, and i can hear the sound of the bottle guy rumbling through the glass jars in the blue bins up and down the street. one of these days maybe i’ll be nice to him and put in some returnable bottles to reward his efforts.

i need to buy a cheap little web server to put on the line at a friend-of-a-friend’s isp, and it needs to run freebsd for security, arguably. (sorry for all the rhyme, you gotta do it some of the time.) i’m thinking i like the little ipaq desktops. does anyone know how well freebsd will run on those doohickeys? i mean, supposedly v4.0 supports the usb mouse and keyboard as well as the intel pro/100+ management nic, but what about the “multibay” cd-rom or the “intel 3d graphics” card?

album-of-the-day >>> dido’s no angel <<< as mentioned here previously, dido won the spot for the title song on the lousy tv-show “roswell”, but don’t hold it against her. admittedly, that one hit is the best track on the disc, but the rest of it is still worth a listen if you’d liked the rozy song.

i can’t decide if i really want to go to bed or not. i’m in the middle of one of those big bouts with insomnia, where i only get about two hours of sleep at some random point in the evening, and get so tired of lying in my bed trying to sqeeze the dizzy thoughts out of my head. (if that last sentence doesn’t make sense to you, you probably don’t understand chronic insomnia… but then again, if i’m supposed to be such an expert, why haven’t i solved the problem yet?) a couple weeks ago i decided to give up talking to all women—a resolution which i promptly broke, unfortunately—so now i’m wondering if i need a new goal, one that’s within reach. i might just vow never to sleep again—think of all the benefits!