young hearts run free

this week is going downhill fast. work has just been the worst place to be recently, and if you know me you know how i obsess about it.

monday a guy in the cal-lab toasted the pc that controls all his electronic calibration tools, and i don’t know what i can do for him. yesterday (tuesday) they announced that due to the “slowdown” and “poor projections for the next quarter,” we get another 7 unpaid days off from work this summer, and they’re laying off 10% of the workforce worldwide (fortunately only about 5% of our site, however). they gave us the night to think it over, and today we got the news as to who it is…

no surprise, out of the 4 groups in the i.s. department, it was the desktop support group that took the hit. effectively immediately the other greg (a.k.a. “zeek”) is gone. ouch. he’s taking it well, and it may just turn out to be a good thing for him (he hated the half-time helpdesk responsibilities), but nonetheless: ouch.

just after finding out about greg, i get a phone call from my close friend dave, who is in the cafeteria looking over his severance package. ouch! he wasn’t particularly surprised, but obviously he’s not particularly happy either.

as for me, that now leaves me with two jobs and (soon) two trainees that will come down from another area, all while getting the same pay (“no merit increases”) and all the old crap that i thought i’d left behind in the support group, and no more lunches with dave to complain about it all. i lack the vocabulary to explain how much this sucks.

album-of-the-day >>> the soundtrack from romeo + juliet <<< as shakespeare modernizations go, this is one excellent film. (nevermind leonardo’s acting; he’s the perfect fool that willy wanted for romeo.) part of the reason for the movie’s success is the stunning combination of visual art and music. this soundtrack is just a hint—and not what you’d expect.