Make mine Medium rare

A while back I make a random post to the publishing platform by the name of Medium, just to try it out. The text was a thought experiment that amused me and thus, I can safely assume, will probably confuse more people than it will amuse.

As an experience, I’d say Medium runs right down the middle. For formatting: it makes the job of publishing a pretty-looking page so nice and pleasant, and then later goes back and messes up the format of your posts just to spite you. For publicity: there’s a chance your article will be seen by millions who wouldn’t have otherwise found your blog, and on the other hand you’re more likely to get your name in the press for winning the lottery. So, there’s that.

Photo credit: "Umbrella Man" by Robert S. Donovan
Photo credit: “Umbrella Man” by Robert S. Donovan

Anyway, if you’re still interested in reading The Thing I Wrote, here it is: Weather or not. Enjoy!

  • I have actually believed this since I was around ten or so. Just like you said, either something will happen or it won’t, whether there’s a 1% chance or a 99.9% chance.