In autumn of 1987 I was in 7th grade, and the instructor had found projects for all the other Gifted & Talented students but me. In desperation, she blew the dust off a lonely Apple IIe computer, saying to me, “Maybe you can learn to use this?”

I countered that I already knew how to load programs and use a word processor for my homework. She challenged me to write my own computer game, admitting she didn’t know anyone who could do that. That was all it took. Before long I’d written a choose-your-own-adventure game and demoed it for my classmates. Weeks later, I begged my parents for an expensive, precious Christmas gift–not the popular Atari game console, but a big hardcover reference on Applesoft BASIC.

In the years since then, I’ve never stopped exploring new programming languages and challenging myself with little development projects to solve a problem I’d encountered or just make life a little easier.

This page is a place I can share a few of those things with you.