One area in which I dug in deep for a few years of consulting is that of software repackaging—that is, taking the author’s software setup files and making a “package” out of them which includes all the desired configurations, for the purpose of easy distribution onto dozens, hundreds, or thousands of PCs across a corporate network. In particular, I focused on creating Windows Installer “MSI” packages which are flexible, durable, and manageable—exactly what a good sysadmin wants to see in a software package.

Here I have collected some of the best practices, tutorials, and links that will be useful to both novices and experts in this area. Please note that these articles are by now several years old and have not been updated with the latest techniques, software versions, or reference links. Kindly excuse any unintentional misdirections, and let me know if you have any suggestions or corrections to add!


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I have collected, classified, and commented on dozens of web links related to repacking and Windows Installer in the Web Links section.


Sample scripts, Registry settings, and more can be found in the Downloads section of the site.